Sakana Sushi is the brain child of a handful of talented chefs from New York City. First generation immigrants from the Fujain province in mainland China, they brought over their time honed skills of traditional Chinese cooking and Japanese sushi.

The coalition, after finding wives and having kids, decided for a change of pace and scenery. Wanting to raise their young ones in a positive environment, they decided to uproot themselves and move to the great state of Minnesota. Being aware that Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes, it is still a land locked location. By maintaining the network of local fish markets from the east coast the entrepreneurs of Sakana Sushi were sure they could provide a level of freshness the population of Minnesota had never seen.

The business acumen of these gentlemen in regards to restaurants is second to none. They know that location is one of the most important aspects when looking into beginning a new business endeavor. Finally, deciding upon the sunny bays of lake Minnetonka, in 2009, they put together their capital and opened the first Sakana Sushi and Asian Bistro. The struggle of the Minnesota winter in the small town of Wayzata tested the merit of the coalition's souls, but proving stronger than any frigid sub zero temperature could crack they persevered.

In 2012, with the first Sakana firing on all cylinders, the coalition decided to expand into Highland Park, Saint Paul. Hoping to continue the success they poured their hearts into making the next location as classy and professional as the last. Now only time will tell. Who will stand the test of time? Other sushi restaurants or the quality establishment that is Sakana.

Sakana Sushi & Hibachi now open in Plymouth!

Plymouth: 4345 Nathan Lane Suite 0 Plymouth, MN 55442 | Wayzata: 683 Lake Street E, Wayzata, MN 55391 | St Paul: 740 Cleveland Ave South St Paul, MN 55116